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12.-15.3.2015 (departure from Ostrava 11.3 – arrival to the spot 12.3 morning) 4 days snowkite trip to approved location of Bernina pass in 2330m.


Bedrooms with bulkbeds for 4/6 pers., shower and WC on the flat CHF 43.00€ 35.90€/person
Double room with shower and WC CHF 78.00€ 65.00€/person
Double room with shower and WC on the flat CHF 58.00€ 48.40€/person


Frozen lake situated right below accomodation. Just jump on the skis or snowboard open your day with first freeride straight to to spot on the lake. Except flat and opened space of the lake, there is a hilly terrain all aroud Lago Bianco. Everybody will find the spot with the best characteristic for his progress. There is a great opportunity to practise all manouvers and also start with mountain riding on the spteep parts around. Apart from the spot next to Hospitz, there is another location further down in the valley reachable by car in a few minutes. 


Other acctivities:

If the wind is not strong enough there are ski resorts where you find prepared slopes with freeriding area too. Than that you can go through intro for touring skiing or splitboard and discover new activity for your winter games.

Other options:

When there is no wind at Bernina there are other locations easy to reach which is worth to make discovery trip with chance for better conditions. Lower in the valey there is an area of Maloya with well known St.Moritz and lake Silvaplana. In a good day you can find also thermic winds there, which gives a chance to ride when there is no wind in other spots around. More options to seek for wind is in the area of Bivio which allows for chilled out riding next to the ski resort or enjoy steep terrains of Julier pass which is located on the way. From our experience we can say that Switzerland is magic area for winter sports of all kinds but it is worth to know where to go.

We always cooperate with locals:

To maximize the possitive experience and effect of the trip we cooperate for many years with swiss kite school and have the assistance of their specialist Jodok Lachenmaier. Thanx to Jodok's broad range of competence in sports like snowkite, speedfly, paraglide, ski touring etc. connected with knowledge of the area, spots and possibilities we always experince outstanding days during our trips. This way it is hard to miss the goal of the trip. Outstanding winter sports experience at one of the best playgrounds in the world. You are very welcome to join Funky Fresh experience.

Snowkite workshop:
Included in the prize : 4 days of guidance and safety assistance.
- advanced riding coaching, advanced turns, riding techniques, hooked jumps, unhooked jumps, riding in mountain terrains etc
- video coaching and anylysis of your sessions
- entry to ski touring and splitboarding
- seminars and theory: equipment types, aerodynamics of kite, meteorology, ice and avalanche knowledge etc.
- rental of equipment:  if you don't have right size of a kite or you would like to test different type of equipment

Minimum riding skills for workshop:
Riding in all directions, basic turns, return to the starting point.

Workshop price: 5000Kč
Beginner lessons: 2350 Kč
- reservation fee 50% to be paid till 10.3.2015
- trip is held with minimum of 5 participants
Discounts: bring your friends and get discount 1+2'=25%, 1+3=50%, 1+4=75%, 1+5=100% on your course

Not included in the price:
- transportation Ostrava – Bernina
- accomodation
- lift tickets (if needed) 

Reservation or more info: or

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